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Friendly Conversation


But not the "ugh" kind.

Running a business should be rewarding, not exhausting. Let us handle your legal and business challenges, and you will have more headspace and capacity to focus on building your brand.

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We're not your average legal team.

We heard all the lawyer clichés and went out of our way to build a company that blows away your expectations in the best way possible. Some of the ways we've done that include:

Not billing per minute (ever)

We understand that you'd rather be spending your money on growing your company. We'll customise a package to meet your budget and needs that is transparent and reasonable.

Collaborate with experts

If you need corporate and commercial legal assistance, we've got you. But we also have a great network of trusted partners which enables us to help you solve any challenges your businesses might face.

Working smart

Legal people work hard. But to serve your unique needs and constraints, we focus on working smart to save you time, money and give the solution you need, not one that costs the most.


Commercial legal advice doesn't have to be heartless.

Top-tier, compassionate commercial and corporate legal advisors based in Stellenbosch and Pretoria.

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